Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Note from our Social Ministry Chair at CLCValpo....

I love our new worship and fellowship spaces--so much more room, without feeling all spread out and lonely! And I've loved seeing and feeling the energy and investment of all the people working, sharing, giving... Not that that's anything new here. It's just more visible in one particular spot right now! Some less visible sites:

-- New Creation Men's Center, where CLC members provide meals every second and third Friday

--The Lutheran Deaconess Association, where we'll be providing workers to help with some prep and painting at the end of July.

There are sign-ups and more info in our new fellowship areas for each of these service projects. It's humbling to know that God wants to use us as Jesus' hands and feet every day, wherever we go!
In His love,
Lisa Owen

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It was an Awesome Event - Thanks to You all.....

Counting myself, there were 70 people who attended the Musical Dramatization of Mary Magdalene on Tuesday evening (6/1/10) @CLCValpo in the New Sanctuary.

Keri Burman's performance was spirit filled.

The fellowship that followed among all who lingered and enjoyed refreshments and each others company in our gathering space was priceless.

A big thanks to those who assisted in any and all ways to make this event come together!

God Bless you all

Grace Safrin
Evangelism Chair
Christ Lutheran Church
Valparaiso, Indiana

p.s. for those of you who missed this event, and for those who enjoyed it so much to want to come again....watch for the Women's Bible Study group announcement in winter (before Christmas) as we plan to have Keri back to perform the story of Mary of Nazareth!