Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Triune Hypothesis by H.E. Eickleberry, Jr.

One of our members has a NEW Book published!

If you browse this Christmas season, you may come across one of our own members here at CLCValpo and his new book:

The Triune Hypothesis by

H.E. Eickleberry, Jr.

"The Triune Hypothesis" is a guide to reading the Bible prophetically in all three dimensions of interpretation-the horizontal axis in time (what was, is, and/or is to come), the perpendicular axis in application (literal, figurative, and/or spiritual), and the vertical axis in context (thesis, generality, and/or antithesis).”

The book is also available to download in Kindle Version as well.

It’s nice to see another local Valparaiso, IN author’s book make the Amazon list!

You can visit The Triune Hypothesis Website


The Triune Hypothesis Facebook Page for more info.

Congrats & Blessings to Mr. Eickleberry this Holiday Season!


  1. Can someone ask Ike to stop posting lies like the one below (thanks):
    Your first book was published out of New Jersey before you fled to Brazil.
    The following took place in Bayside New York about that time...
    Perv Cleric, 83, Loses Priestly Powers, by Dan Mangan, New York
    "An elderly Queens priest has been stripped of his powers as a cleric after
    Catholic officials found there was "sufficient evidence" that he sexually
    abused several boys 25 years ago. The alleged assaults by the Rev. John
    Abrams occurred when he was pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Bayside,
    according to the Brooklyn Diocese, which oversees the parish."
    Interesting parallels, don't you think?
    When and if I can connect the two, you'll be the first to hear about it.


    Come read Ike`s posts here.

    Here are some samples...

    Great and DREADFUL day of the Lord. That's the SECOND Advent of Jesus Christ, not the first, asshole.

    I made no such claim, you satanic lying asshole.

    What Abrams the Asshole is REALLY saying is "shut up, God, and stop proving me wrong."